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Post-politics Arnie eyeing up cinema domination

  |  January 7, 2013

Post-politics Arnie eyeing up cinema domination

He may have famously told John Conner “I’ll be back” in 1991, but now it seems Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing just that. A year after leaving his post as California’s governator, 65-year-old Arnie is set to star in not one, not five, but three films over the next 12 months.

Following what he called a “great reaction” to his cameo in 2010’s The Expendables and bigger role in last year’s sequel, Schwarzenegger will next appear as a retired LA policeman in The Last Stand, which comes out across the UAE on January 17, followed by a prison inmate in The Tomb in September and an aging drug agent in Ten next January.

But this isn’t all, and there are also plans by Universal Pictures to do a “a bunch” of new films based on Conan The Barbarian, according to Schwarzenegger, with Arnie reprising the role he made famous as a plucky young upstart some 30 years ago (and kicking poor Jason Momoa in the teeth in process). Universal are also apparently keen to do a sequel to 1988’s Twins, this time called Triplets. And should the robotic wheels of a fifth Terminator ever start moving, the former Mr Universe has said he’d like to appear in that too. Phew.

Granted, none of his upcoming crop of titles look likely to be troubling the Oscars anytime soon, but then, Schwarzenegger films never really did.


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