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Meet Bono, Bono the spider

  |  January 22, 2013

Meet Bono, Bono the spider

Bono’s Spider-man musical on Broadway might have hit a bum note, but that hasn’t stopped the U2 frontman having an actual species of spider named after him.

Jason Bond at Alabama’s Auburn University has identified 33 new special of trapdoor spider, so-named because it makes a hatch to hide from prey. Three of the species were found in California desert at the Joshua Tree National Park, whose namesake was the title of U2’s 1987 album, ‘The Joshua Tree’.

Bond, who has already named other spider species after Angelina Jolie, Cesar Chavez and Stephen Colbert (naturally), decided to name two of the three after Indian tribes and one, A. bonoi, after Bono.

Reports that the spider has since started wearing silly-coloured wraparound corrective sunglasses and talking about Africa and poverty a lot remain unconfirmed.


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