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Conde Nast launches GQ and Glamour TV

  |  March 13, 2013

Conde Nast launches GQ and Glamour TV

The well-read among you might have heard that the original story of the Academy Award-winning Argo was first revealed in an article in Wired magazine. Such potential for successful magazine-to-video content has not gone unnoticed, and now publisher Conde Nast is launching a slate of web series for its biggest titles.

Among the online channels to be aired on YouTube and elsewhere this week are Glamour and GQ. The four Glamour series will include four-to-five minute shows including Elevator Makeover, in which a girl will be given a makeover while in a – yes, you’ve guessed it – elevator (should they use the lifts in my building, she could probably get a haircut too). For GQ, there will be shows such as Fighting Weight (a workout, natch) and The Ten, which will see celebrities share the 10 items they can’t live without (with personal assistant probably ranking quite highly).

But these are just the start, and there are plans to launch video series from many, if not all, of Conde Nast’s stable of mags, even the somewhat word-heavy New Yorker. Let’s just hope this doesn’t involve someone reading an 8,000 word article out, quite slowly.


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