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Bale back as Batman?

  |  March 6, 2013

Bale back as Batman?

He may have told all and sundry that The Dark Knight Rises was his last time in the batsuit, but rumours have emerged that Christian Bale is to adopt his distinctive growl one more.

According to the blog Latino Review, which has broken stories on both Batman and Superman films before, Warner Bros wants to team up Bale and Christopher Nolan again for the its planned Justice League superhero ensemble movie. The move would team Bale’s Batman with Henry Cavill’s Superman, set to be unleashed in this summer’s Man of Steel, a formidable force that could challenge the likes of The Avengers II and the next Star Wars, both set for clear billion-dollar plus box offices.

With Nolan at the helm, Justice League – which is apparently set for a 2015 release – could well be a considerably darker movie than the slightly slapstick affair of The Avengers. No doubt alongside Batman and Superman’s troubles, fellow Leaguer Wonder Woman is will be given a whole sack of ‘issues’ to deal with.


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