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Adult playgrounds coming to Dubai

  |  April 17, 2013

Adult playgrounds coming to Dubai

Being accused of being ‘a bit childish’ is something a few of us (well, I hope it’s a few of us) experience from time to time. But it’s probably safe to say that isn’t because we like to lark about on playgrounds. Posh water bottlers Evian, however, have other plans.

As part of a new campaign called ‘Live Young’, Evian will be installing adult-sized playgrounds across Dubai for “babies aged 18” and above to unleash their inner youth. Set amid a French Alp-themed background (naturally), the playgrounds will include see-saws and swings, both equipped with snow making machines that pump out more snow the more you play.

“Living young in not just a physical attribute but more of an attitude. Stress is a big downer for most people in Dubai and so we offer them a perfect playground to let go and re-connect with their playful and youthful spirits,” said Renauld Marchard, Middle East zone director of Evian’s local importer, before eating some plasticine, painting a crude rendition of a house and crying [NOT CONFIRMED].

Also as part of the ‘Live Young’ initiative, members of the public will be able to ‘babyfy’ themselves (Evian’s words, not ours) with a special digital photo application that shows them how they might look as a baby, thankfully without food on their faces.

The first ‘adult playground’ will open this weekend on April 19 at Mall of the Emirates’ Fashion Dome. It comes to DIFC May 5-9 and The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residences April 26-27 and May 3-4.

What any of this has to do with drinking imported French water is beyond us.

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